How RAColor’s products are different from other offers in the market?

Our things which we do differently, here are just a few: ‍ Quality of film simulation. RAColor presets and film styles provide realistic simulation of real film stocks. We invest an absolutely enormous time and effort to nail down the colours. And even more time and effort to test it across a huge range of cameras and subjects. This is why RAColor is often referred as an industry benchmark and the tool of choice by so many professional photographers and enthusiasts from all over the globe. Continuous development and constant improvements. Our products are constantly evolving. We are not only adding new films but also keep improving their quality and sophistication of the existing presets with every new release.

Refunds & returns

RAColor film presets, film styles and customised camera profiles are intangible digital goods and can’t be returned. All our sales are final. So if you are having any questions related to the product, its usage, compatibility etc. please get in touch before you buy.  

How to install

Capture One styles: To install RAColor styles for Capture One please refer to our step-by-step installation manual (PDF). Adobe Lightroom presets: To install RAColor presets for Adobe Lightroom please refer to our step-by-step installation manual (PDF). Please note that in Windows 10 and after some of the installation locations can be hidden by default. To show hidden files and folders in Windows please refer to the instructions provided by Microsoft.  

Recommended workflow

Using styles and presets in Capture One or Adobe Lightroom is simple. You just click it and see the result instantly. ‍ At RAColor we believe that there is no right or wrong way of processing images. Every time it is a very creative process where a lot comes down to one’s personal taste and vision. So please feel free to experiment and use any workflow that takes you to the looks you like. However there are a few rules of thumb we would recommend to those new to film-simulating presets: 1. Try to get your white balance and exposure right straight out of camera. Being concious about your lighting and using a neutral card to calibrate white balance can be very beneficial for the quality of your looks after applying the RAColor styles and presets. 2. Use the ‘Reset’ command before applying a new preset to the image. This will prevent inheriting any odd settings from the previous edit.  

Can I use RAColor styles or presets for my JPEGs?

The RAColor styles and presets are designed to work with RAW files and they do their best with RAW. However they also perform very well with properly exposed JPEGs from modern cameras. Some additional brightness and contrast correction may be required.