Hotkeys in Capture One

Capture One can display a summary of the selected shortcut set using your default browser. In the main menu, select Edit -> Edit Keyboard Shortcuts. Click on Summarize… and get the currently selected keyboard shortcut setup. Capture One opens your default internet browser and displays the list of keyboard shortcuts.

To improve the ease of use of Capture One 20, the default shortcut set has received the following changes and additions:

  • Proof Margin: X
  • Direct Color Editor: D
  • Show/Hide Viewer: G
  • Linear Gradient: L
  • Zoom to 100%: . (dot)
  • Zoom to fit: , (comma)
  • Toggle Focus Mask: Q
  • Full Screen: F (On Windows F11 works as a secondary shortcut)
  • Viewer background color can be toggled using Shift + 1, 2, 3… 6
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