How to change a language in Capture One?

Capture One supports the following languages:

Language Language code
Deutsch (German) de
English en
Español (Spanish) es
Français (French) fr
Italiano (Italian) it
Nederlands (Dutch) nl
Polski (Polish) pl
Português (Portuguese) pt
Русский (Russian) ru
Svenska (Swedish) sv
日本語 (Japanese) ja
한국어 (Korean) kr
中文 (Chinese) zh
中文 (漢語) (Chinese (Traditional))


How to change the language on Mac OS?

The software language will depend on the language of your operating system. If you run your computer in English – then the Capture One interface will be in English too. In order to change it to another language, just change your OS language under System Preferences -> Language & Region and restart your computer.

You can also change the language of Capture One in the Terminal. Launch the Terminal and type the following command in case you have Capture One 21 (14.x.x):

defaults write com.captureone.captureone14 AppleLanguages ‘(en)’

How to change the language in Microsoft Windows?

Open Capture One application, then go to Edit -> Preferences -> General.
Once you’ve chosen the preferable language then restart the application.


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