Capture One Styles – Black and White bundle (34 styles)



Monochrome collection offers advanced black and white conversion presets for Capture One. Enhance your portrait workflow and speed-up your post-processing with our selection with different styles. Our Black and White Capture One Styles work great with all photo genres. Apply them to portraits, wedding or street photography and the results will be impressive. Each professional and amateurish shooter should have black and white images in their portfolio as well as qualitative tools for color correction.

Will RaColor styles work with my camera? 
Our styles works with cameras Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm that produce RAW digital files and are supported by Capture One engine.

System Requirements:
Capture One version 10, 11, 12 and 20.
Supported file format: RAW, DNG, JPG.

Full Layers Support
All the Capture One styles work in layers. This means that you can apply styles to layers, and use the power of all the masking tools available in Capture One or use the layer opacity to get specific look you are after.

What if I have a question or need help?
If you get stuck or need help, feel free to contact us. Please, include the name of the product you’re inquiring about and your order number if you’ve made a purchase.

Video overview

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